July 21, 2017

Fitness Specialist

The place of a Youth Fitness Specialist Singapore for Your Kids

Modern lifestyles have a big impact on a very important segment of the population; the youth. If you are a parent in contemporary Singapore, you will agree that society has totally changed. The youth of today face more challenges which can easily lead them astray.

One of the greatest concerns for children today especially in the developed countries like this one is lack of physical exercises. This poses a great danger both to the child and the rest of the society. The need for youth fitness in Singapore has never been more urgent than it is. In this case, it is not just about school play becauseresearch shows less time is now dedicated to sports in the modern education system.

Lack of Physical Activity a Grave Problem

A study in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal says lack of physical exercise among the younger generation in developing countries like Singapore is a grave risk.  The last National Health Survey in 2010 in the Strait News showed overweight and obesity prevalence was on a steady rise especially among the younger population. A 2014 National Institute of Education (NIE) study also showed that Singapore teens are not active enough to prevent health problems associated with ion activity.

Using a Youth Fitness Specialist Singapore

While schools still allow some time for sports, it is important to invest in a Youth fitness specialist Singapore for more focused exercises for your children.  There are some establishedgyms offering dedicated physical exercise routines that families in the country can now take advantage of.

Below are just some of the benefits these professionals offer:

  1. Tailored training: Your child might have unique physical issues and this is why they need a personal trainer who will prepare a custom training program to suit their needs.
  2. Holistic physical training: In school, your child will not be focused in training and running around might not be very helpful. With a well-designedtraining program, your child will exercise different body parts including lower abdomen, upper chest, shoulders, muscles and this holistic exercise gives more benefits from every session.
  3. Growth and development: By using a qualified kid’s fitness Specialist Singapore your child will have life changing benefits including boosting confidence and esteem levels, excelling in class, stress management, better social interactions, fat loss and improved strength, boosting immunity and many other benefits.

Physical exercise for your children not only improves their health lives but also keeps them away from trouble. At Mephobia Fitness, your children receive personal attention during their training to ensure the development of a well-rounded youth.