July 21, 2017

Sports Nutritions

Sports Nutrition Singapore: Why Every Athlete Needs a Nutritionist’s Services

If you are an athlete in Singapore, then you must be at the top of your game to make any impact in any discipline. From taekwondo to swimming, new talent is emerging every day and with access to state-of- the-art training facilities, every sport miss becoming viciously competitive.

One way to ensure you are ahead of the pack is by eating healthy and while this sounds obvious, any successful athlete will tell you it is easier said than done. This is where the professional services of a Sports nutrition Singapore expert come in handy. if you have been wondering whether hiring a sports nutritionist is important, this guide will help you find out.

Demystifying Sports Nutrition

While everyone needs to eat healthy, the demands of an athlete’s life make it necessary to make adjustments in their diet. Research shows an average athlete requires a high calories intake ranging from 2000 to 5000 calories a day. For this reason, nutrition should be at the top of your priority list whatever the type of sport you are engaged in.

You must have seen well-built athletes losing races to seemingly weaker one and this has mostly got to do with nutrition. It is not about the quantity of food you eat but the quality. As an athlete, you require more energy levels making it important to eat the right foods that will deliver this.

Working with a highly qualified nutritionist in Singapore means you will eat the right foods to boost strength, training, performance and recovery. The time such food is eaten and regularity also determines how impactful it will be on your performance. Your nutritionist will evaluate your body in order to develop a tailored nutritional program to meet your unique training needs. They will help you balance different types of nutrients to guarantee optimal performance.

By following the nutritional program developed by your nutritionist, you will always have more energy to deliver the best performance at any given time. What’s more, you will know which meals to eat before and after the game to help in prevention of injury and muscle recovery.

When working with a qualified nutritionist, it becomes easier to stay accountable in your dieting, eat the right foods for your particular sport and maintain the right macros levels. You will avoid harmful foods and products which could ruin your career and reputation. With the right professional assistance and commitment to the chosennutrition, you don’t have to resort to underhand tactics to boost yourperformance.

At Mephobia Fitness we have qualified and certified sports nutritionists for all levels of sports. Talk to us and get a tailored nutritional program to suit your sporting demands.