July 21, 2017

Sports Therapist

The Importance of Qualified Sports Therapist Singapore Services for Athletes

Are you an athlete in Singapore training hard to reach a particular goal?  Do injuries constantly hinder the much needed progress? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Many professional athletes have had their careers cut short by injuries and other frustrations.

If you are in Singapore and you are training hard, you will at one time or the other encounter an injury. The way you handle the same can determine your success in your chosen discipline. This is where a qualified sports therapist Singapore comes in handy. There are many reasons to invest in sport therapy if at all you want to compete at the highest level. After all, the most important part of succeeding in sports is staying healthy.

Sports Therapy in Brief

Truth be told, most athletes don’t appreciate the role of a sports therapist until it is too late. Sports therapy is focused on an athlete’s health through prevention of injury and rehabilitation is such an injury occurs.  By using a sport therapy specialist in Singapore, you are able to return to optimal levels of functioning through a tailored therapy program. These programs are customized to meet personal needs and this guarantees higher rates of success.

Your therapist will use principles of sport and exercise sciences including physiological and pathological processes. They prepare you for training and competition which puts you ahead of the pack. The best athletes in the country including Feng Tianwei, Joseph Schooling and Li Jiawei have invested heavily in the best sports therapist and this is the reason they are consistently posting impressive performances.

Among the roles of your Sports therapist Singapore are:

  • Optimizing spots performance, injury prevention and injury prevention using sports and exercise principles.
  • Offering professional immediate care of injuries and basic life support during sporting activities.
  • Assess and treat injuries and if possible refer them for further attention.
  • Offering massage in a sports and exercises in the right way to help in muscle recovery.
  • Designing and implementing tailored appropriate rehabilitation programs.

By having an experienced and qualified sports therapist on your team, you will benefit immensely from functional testing to determine your fitness, unique treatment plan and sports massage during training and competition, prevention techniques and nutritional advice.

As an athlete some of the common injury problems such as Achilles tendon injuries, tight and pulled hamstrings, pulled groin muscles, chronic lower back problems and sciatica problems will be dealt with by your sports therapist.

At Mephobia Fitness Singapore, you will enjoy the services of some of the most qualified sports therapist ready to work with you to bring your game to the top level.